Is Your Product Team Really Lean?

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  • Sprints

Building: Traditional vs. Lean

In order to understand what Lean ain’t, let’s look at a more traditional approach to building businesses & products. You may have heard this process referred to as terrible, er .. I mean .. Waterfall.

Lean: Wrong vs. Better

There is no “right” way to put lean product development to work for your company but there’s a handful of common mistakes you’ll wanna avoid.

  • Paying developers to code before you’ve spoken to your customer.
  • Paying anyone to do anything before you’ve spoken to your customer.
  • Acting on behalf of all of your customers — you may be building something to solve a problem you’ve experienced first-hand, but that doesn’t mean you represent the entire market.
One empathy map New Haircut created of our customers.

Lean: Quick and Easy?

Did that seem faster? To your team, no. To the market, probably.
Was the work simpler? #gtfo



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