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The question I had to answer first, in order to change my life.

Over the past 18 months, I’ve questioned everything.

Should I keep going? What for?
Should I be doing this kind of work?
What am I doing wrong? Why is this happening to me?
Should I get a job? What job…

We need new words and outcomes to shift how we work and win together.

City lights glow under a mountain sunrise-daily transformation
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Design transformation. Design-driven. Human-centered design. Design thinking. Design sprints.

These terms are everywhere you look around the business world. It would appear that Design is having its moment. And yet, for decades now, many are still doubtful of the value offered, if any.

That doubt persists because we’re using the…

Google Sprint Conference — Building Trust in Innovation — Jay Melone and Holly May Mahoney
Google Sprint Conference // Building Trust in Innovation by Jay Melone and Holly May Mahoney

As designers and innovators, why are we so quick to practice empathy & compassion with our users but not our fellow team members? The real work required to generate results from innovation programs starts with the relationships we nurture inside our teams.

During this year’s Google Sprint Conference, Holly May…

Jay Melone

Innovation Designer @ New Haircut |

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